Celestial Garden

The client wanted to create an outside room for year round enjoyment which would be a seamless transition from the kitchen, extending the feel of the garden inside the home.


I wanted to open the garden up to create light in the dark areas and focal points.


The garden rises slightly towards the rear and has established apple and cherry trees.  I recommended these should stay after a well needed prune. The other trees included holly, rowan and pine.  We removed the holly and one of the yew trees which was closest to the house.  The pine tree was very broad, but gave helpful shade to the patio area, so we raised the crown and this allowed the new pathway to run alongside and give light for the new planting beneath. The rowan tree was hardly recognisable as it was covered in ivy, but with perseverance from my client this was painstakingly removed to reveal the beauty of the tree.


The clients interest in the solar system gave me the theme for the garden design and plant texture and shape. We used plants that had distinct flower shapes of umbels for a soft gentle look and buttons and globes to define points with clusters of soft star shape plants like Asters and Daisies for the sun and heat.  The planting style is strong and textural, dotted with specimen shrubs to give a sense of scale.


Garden design, maintenance