In March I was asked about Living walls as my client was looking to have the entrance to his business changed and an artistic impression of 2 curved walls was drawn up as the initial idea. 

In May after much research of the many different designs of living walls and irrigation systems I decided that Easiwall was the best method for us.  A few months later after a training course covering how to design, cost and install a living wall system and another day installing and planting a vertical wall in London, I became a registered living wall installer.

For this project we built new walls as we wanted to improve the buildings entrance and disguise the car park.

The wall has been set up with a controlled irrigation system to supply the plants with a prescribed amount of water to different parts as required.

The planting will provide a natural habitat for birds and other wildlife, improve air quality, reduce noise and pollutants.  The wall also acts as a shield in bad weather.

Living walls, green walls, vertical gardening
Living wall, green, wall, vertical gardening
Living wall, green wall