My initial meeting with you will be to discuss your requirements and agree on a design brief and budget. This will require a walk around the garden to establish what changes you would like to make and how you visualise your garden will look. I will then write to you summarising our discussion with a design brief and fees.

 Site Survey

Once you are ready for me to proceed I will complete a full site survey including levels if necessary, to show an accurate scaled plan of your garden.  If the site is more complex I will recommend that additional expertise is sought.

 Initial sketches

My method of working is to talk through different styles and ideas, to determine the look you would like to achieve.  I will visually explain all of these ideas with a rough sketch design or use software or a simple moodboard, which will also show any source of inspiration.   This will enable you to picture your chosen scheme and allow you make any changes that you feel are necessary.  I will then carry these ideas through to a fully scaled design showing planting ideas and material suggestions. 

 Final design

This will be the development of the outline plan into a workable design and production of a full planting plan showing position and number of plants to be used.  Full details of all hard material to be used and production of a full list of plants with schedule of maintenance requirements.  Construction details of specific structures of surfaces can also be provided.